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I am firm believer of giving a good thought and moving fast. Taking a decision and acting upon it. Validating the risky hypothesis at the onset.

Doing this requires.

  1. Learning and Unlearning things super fast.
  2. Breaking down the hypothesis to smallest testable bit.

In the year 2023, I tested lots of hypothesis and here is a timeline for the same.

Blinkcuts - Edit, Caption, Highlight shorts using AI

Website - Blinkcuts
Demo - Demo
Problem Statement It’s painful to edit shorts and add subtitles to the videos. The aim is to make it super simple.
Video Title

Namora - Automatically Generate Peronsalized Cover Letter For Linkedin Profile

Website - Namora Chrome Extension
Problem Statement SDRs reach out to a lot of people on Linkedin and writing a personalized email for them is painful. Namora simplifies it. Video Title

Whatsapp CRM - Organize your WhatsApp chats with Labels, Tags, and Notes.

Website - Whatsapp CRM
Problem Statement WhatsApp is the new mail, everyone important conversation is happening on Whatsapp. Whatsapp CRM makes is super easy to add labels, tags etc to the chat. Video Title

Orso - Sends messages on Whatsapp without saving contact

Website - Orso
Problem Statement It’s painful to send a message to whatsapp contact from browser. Orso, makes it super easy to send messages to phone number without saving contacts. Video Title

Tupik - AI Assistant For Kindle

Website - Tupik
Problem Statement It’s hard to understand some sentences in Kindle, Tupik rephrases them in easy language.
Video Title

StashLeads - Automate the process of Finding Phone Numbers on Google Maps.

Extension - StashLeads
Website - StashLeads
Problem Statement A lot of people in LATM countries uses Google Maps to find leads. StashLeads automates it.
Video Title

Stormy - CLI tool to cut down the compile time.

Github - Stormy CLI
YouTube - Demo Website - No Longer Functional
Problem Statement Compiling code locally takes time, I wanted to compile it in 4-5 seconds. This xkcd comics depicts the problem statement well Code Is compiling

Youtube Demo Video Title

Zenlor - Digitising the supply chain of garment industry

YouTube - Demo Website - No Longer Functional
Problem Statement Co-founded and leading the tech for it. The idea was to make garment supply chain responsive. Had 3 factories in banglore using our product. Youtube Demo Video Title

A lot of ideas were rejected at Landing Page and User interivew stage and did not made to this list.