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Welcome !!

Hi, I am Rahul 👋. This is my personal space for sharing my thoughts, learnings and failures. I enjoy solving problems using technology and making sustainable business out of it.


Over the course of my career. I have formed a value system that I strive for and people I want to work with. I want to make a company on these principles.

  • Be Kind Everyone is fighting their own battle. The least you can do is to be kind to them.

  • No Ego Ego is a zero-sum game, I don’t want to play that game in which you cannot expand the cake.

  • High Trust Good things happen when people trust each other.

  • Bias For Action There should be high bias for action. I am firm believer that you can not brainstorm for the best idea or decision. It requires work to make each decision right.

  • Truth Seeker People should try to seek truth. It can be simple like, Is the feature helping my customers or I am just doing it to avoid sitting idle? or complex like Do I really want to solve this problem or just doing it because people think it’s cool.

  • Growth Mindset Learn from your mistake and grow. The ideal people would be obsessed about improving things. If they discover a better way. They will adopt the better way.

  • Disagree and Commit You can’t agree on everything, but you can commit to thing and let it take it’s course.

  • Meaningul work Don’t just do things to optimise the profits. Do things to improve others life.

Activites and Interest

  • Vipassana Meditation 🧘
  • Reading 📖
  • Jump Rope
  • Scuba Diving 🤿


  • Bloomreach, Member of Technical Staff
    AUG 2021 - DEC 2022
    Bloomreach is a leading provider of Enterprise search to B2B customers like Puma, Borden, Next, etc.
    • Add To Recall Most of the customers wanted a way to selectively list products in the search results based on availability. I worked closely with the PM in gathering requirements, did cross team collaboration to do the feature viability, and coded and delivered the feature.
    • Holiday Preparedness Setting up the alerts and monitoring for dashboard services.
  • Zenlor, Bangalore — Co-Founder
    July 2020 - AUG 2021
    Quit Microsoft to try hands at Entrepreneurship.
    • We were working on reducing the time it takes to order, manufacture and ship a garment to support the demand for Fast Fashion.
    • I was leading the Tech and Product and built the product from scratch.
    • YC Founder Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc7dFO5nV0M
    • Demo Video https://youtu.be/grcXHsGBpbw
  • Microsoft , Bangalore — Software Development Engineer - 2
    APRIL 2018 - July 2020
    • Prototyped the migration of search component of Teams from angular to react
    • Implemented MTMA for search which allowed people belonging to more than one organization to switch to their different organization profile in Teams without logging out.
    • Rewrote a major chunk of the Javascript code of Cortana for Teams which is an AI based personal assistant of Microsoft to use the web assembly based websdk and added various enhancements, got promotion because of this.
    • Migrated the API for fetching the images to a robust image fetching API and created settings page for Teams for Life.
    • Migrated the Profile Image API on a better and Faster APIs to scale up the system.
    • Created the settings page for Teams For Life to give fine control to users over the notifications.
  • Directi, Bangalore — Software Development Engineer
    JULY 2016 - MARCH 2018
    • Implemented authentication service based on OAuth 2 protocol which allowed users from the legacy services to access new services with one-time authentication as a part of revamping up the signup flow. The service also had the support for the social signups and logins which resulted in 90% signups having email verified. This also helped in increasing the invoice collection ratio from 3.3% to 80%.
    • Nullified fake account sign-ups from 102/day using sift science which resulted in cutting the losses by 15, 000/month.
    • Implemented certain requirements for the PCI DSS like dockerizing and securing the app from the attacks like SQL Injection, Heap Inspection, etc.
    • Created the framework for automating the functional tests using selenium and python resulting in decreased shipping time because of less manual testing hours.
    • Implemented product white labeling, which allowed the product to be customized in look and features based on the other brand needs, which helped diverse brands to sell a single product in their native look and feel.
  • Directi, Mumbai — Software Development Intern
    JUNE 2015 - JULY 2015
    • Automated the deployment of orderbox platform on the testing and live servers in teamcity using ant and shell scripts.