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Taking control over brain

What makes a monkey brain? Too easy it gets bored. Too Hard it runs away.

It needs right level of stimulation. Let’s try with an example.

What’s 86*96? You can’t use calculator. Most likely, you would have skipped it.

Let’s try again.

  1. 86*100 = ?
  2. 86*4 = ?
  3. 8600 - 300 = ?
  4. 8300 - 44 = ?

The completion rate of second would be higher. At’least you would have attempted some calculations.

In the first part brain is trying to do two things.

  1. Breaking the calculations into smaller ones.
  2. Doing calculations.

The brain switches between performing calculations and referencing a sequence of prior calculations. Utilizing paper to record these calculations simplifies the process, making it easier for our minds to follow the logical path.

When you open your laptop for work, it’s beneficial to establish a clear goal and document the path to that goal in thorough detail. This approach simplifies your thought process by allowing your brain to follow a predefined path rather than simultaneously figuring out and tracking progress. <!– Brain is an idiot. It does not want to sit idle nor it want to go deep. It needs a right level of stimulation otherwise it will abandon the problem and move to next one. or have the easy problem it will jump to something else.

Let us try a small excercise. If I ask you mentally calculate it. You are most likely going to skip it.

86*96 =

If I break the problem to smaller chunks. Your brain is more likely to comply in solving it. Example Step 1 = 86100
Step 2 = 86
4 = Step 3 = 8600 - 300 Step 4 = 8300 - 44 Step 5 =

It is ready to walk the path, but if you ask it to figure out the path and walk simultanesoulys It will try to escape.

What’s the difference? In the first problem, its’ figuring out the path and performing it.

Removing the mental blockage make it easy

It is likely to procastinate.

How can we trick it? Don’t rush to figuring out the path and solving it simultaneously. Try to do detail planning of next day.

Try to break every task into the smallest bit possible. Don’t attempt to solve two kind of problem simultanesouly.

Every time you are trying to solve a problem and feel like brain wants to skip it. Try to break the goal further and just focus on immediate next step.

Example Trying to debug a bug.

  1. Write down possible approaches before debugging.
  2. Atle

It needs right level of stimulation. One way you can clear What can you do –>