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What is great?

It was a nice snack time, during my internship at Directiplex. And one of the team members asked me.

What do you want out of this internship? My mind said PPO. but I kept my calm and said, I want to learn How to write great-quality software.

Curious, he asked, “What does great quality software look like to you?” I replied to all the standard things like Maintainability, ease of reading, etc.

To which he probed me further. Will you be able to tell which one is well-written?

The question was deep. I could not answer it. I did not know, What great software looks like.

Every time I ask this question to people. They can not tell me what a great looks like.

People want to be great entrepreneurs, great engineers, etc.

But very few have developed the taste of what great works look like in their field.

so, start developing awareness about what great looks like. Ask questions like

  1. What’s different about the work that’s classified as great?
  2. Look at great people in the field and try to find answers to what makes them great.
  3. If something is bad, What makes it bad?