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What's My Why

What’s my Why? [Draft]

I want to tackle problems that require two things.

  1. Courage :- I have realised that if I am doing hard things. People are more inclined to help me.
  2. Long Time Period :- Ideally in the range of 15-20 years. I want to take long term bets.
  3. Less Crowded :- I am not interested to solve something just because it’s popular
  4. Burning Problem :- I want to solve problems in which people push me to solve it, not the other way round.

My unfair advantages are.

  1. I can commit to things over long run.
  2. I can learn/relearn things.
  3. I am able to do things which are hard/boring.
  4. I am willing to push my boundaries of fear and comfort.

My disadvantages:-

  1. I get bogged down when I am trying to learn new topic.
  2. I get intimidated by some big goal, like when I am learning a topic.
  3. I am reading something, some tough topic will come and I will not be able to follow.

While learning Scuba Diving. Hardest part for me was to jump in the water from a cliff. There were lots of people afraid of jumping from the cliff in water. I was afraid like anything, unlike others I was willing to go and jump again and again.

I have been doing Vipassana Meditation for last 6 years.

What seems broken?

  1. I want to learn more about, How to learn things effectively.
  2. Building something that can plug the knowledge gap in my understanding.
  3. Elon Musk has philoshpy of figuring out root of every topic,
  4. After that giong to trunk, branches and leaves.
  5. Is there a way to guide my learning to use that pattern.
  6. Can I build knowledge Graph about everything.

I have been thinking about, What will I consider the my Life as success. I don’t want to do things, just for the sake of doing them. I want to provide positive experience to everyone.
If someone applies to the Job and gets rejected. I will make sure that I am giving them proper reasoning. My Emails that I write will not be boring.

What kind of problems do you want to solve in life? One topic that I am deeply passionate about is How to build knowledge graphs to gain deeper understanding of things. Is there a way to learn the way Elon Musk Learns about a topic.

If I can build a powerful automation tool that can run any language. Like reading from the system, files etc.

What I am missing?