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Consistency is a root and perfection is a flower.

My College ended in 2016, and I had 2 months to kill. so I enrolled in a GYM.

There was a Guy doing a bench press, in terrible form. What a fool, I thought.

Last year, I enrolled again. To my surprise, The Guy had bulked up. And, I remained stagnant.

What did I lack? The immediate response is consistency. But it’s not.

Consistency is like momentum, The more you have it. More Consistent you will be in the future. But you don’t have momentum from day 1.

The real reason is Perfection. The thought of doing everything from the onset. It puts unnecessary hurdles and impedes the cultivation of Consistency.

When starting aim for consistency. When ending aim for Perfection.

Want to develop a habit of reading? Open a book and read only a page every day. Once, you have done that for 30 days. Add other complexities like improving comprehension.

What did perfection kill for you?