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The Necklace

The Necklaceđź“ż

Remember the textbook story “The Necklace”? A girl borrows a necklace to wear at the ministerial ball.

She loses it and did not come clean to her friend. She was worried about her prestige, ego, and pride. Instead, She purchased a similar looking one. It was above her means and she took hefty loans. She spent the rest of her life repaying the loans.

A chance encounter with her friend revealed that, The necklace was an imitation and was cheap.

As a fresh engineer in the company. I have to estimate timelines for projects. And I tend to underestimate.

The result will be working harder and still, the project gets delayed.

My team members’ thinking of me as incompetent would worry me. The reality is software gets delayed and no one can predict it. Fixing bugs takes more time than expected.

So, come clean. Don’t let your prestige, ego, and pride come between. It will save you and your team. The visibility at the earliest sign of timeline change is important.